God of War

God of War is one of the hottest titles for gaming out there. The series picked up a new concept of Norse Mythology that now clears out that Sony wanted to do something with the series. The game got injected a new life by Sony and the franchise of God of War is one of the best-selling franchise in the world.

The going through the Midway in the game is the main focused story. Kratos and his son Atreus fight their way through to get there. The story is inspired by The Last of Us. Kratos and Atreus show a profound bond between the father and the son. Kratos after facing so many difficulties in his mainland area of Greece Mythology in his young age, now for some calm place he now stays in Norse Lands with the Norse Mythology. He’s now living in a small house in Norse in the old type of observer safeguard. He’s staying in a private house in the woods.  The second wife of Kratos just dies at the start of a story and gets cremated by Kratos.

Kratos teaching his son with patience and sense makes the game reasonable. The thing that makes the game look great is because of the reasonable story; great voice acting and outclass graphics.  Kratos as the father of Atreus picked up a mountain of sorrow and take themselves in a friendly time. Atreus facing his own difficulties makes his path easy for him to get a pass. Kratos son, Atreus was grown up in a wild world and makes it easy for him to understand that there is some dangerous world out there. Death of the mother and wife of Atreus and Kratos respectively made some rage in the minds and get ready for challenges. Her want was that after she was cremated the ashes of her are put up the mountain in the highest peak in midway. However, the story is mainly focused on the difficulties that arise in their way of Midway.

The franchise of God of War is a great of showing great stories and some knowledge. It is no myth that this game is one of the best graphics reality games in the world. The environment provided by the game to the player is outstanding and great. The fictional character showing great attraction to the environment and great looks flooded in abundance. The eye at the back is obvious for Kratos. Kratos carefully silvered body and climate apparatus. The weather changes are confirmed to be really looked environments. Changes dream into reality and the all structure and look are on a whole new level of the beautiful part.

The story of several God of War franchises has been great in all ways. It is an outstanding fighting game with a great set of art, huge investments money values, and brutal action fighting that passes much hunger and inspiration in your story. The remake has bravely set a new way that will teach towards more great titles to be released.