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2018 was a much better year for gaming, but 2019 is better than ever. At the beginning of 2019, many new hot titles came into the view of gamers. The Video Games released this year and the one that is to be released turned out to be of great significance to gamers all over the world. The Games which were very popular in the ’90s, today are now remastered and more loved than ever. The games which are popular nowadays in 2019 are mostly battle royale games and other story-based titles which got themselves great importance in society.


Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry 5 recently received an update in which a new thrilling story takes place. This update is based on the same map of Far Cry 5. In this game, you play as a new person whose gender and race are about your own choices. The most interesting part is that the player in Far Cry 5 died due to some nuclear explosion and now people are recovering to face the consequences which makes the story much interesting. You also get to find what happened to the previous game players.


The Occupation

This game released on 5 March. You are a government journalist and stuck in an alternate version of the year 1987. In this game, you will reconstruct memories. This game is taking place in the event of 1987 where events occur of data unknown to you.


Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry was originally made as a resident evil series but changed its title due to some conditions. Dante and Nero which are considered very great characters throughout the series are making their return as playable characters which will be a great significance to fans.


Metro Exodus:

Metro first-person shooting games were of great importance to gamers throughout every game released in the series. Fans are now ready with the great gift of Metro Exodus in which Artyom and Anna make their journey to the East for some safe and friendly environment.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Game is probably based in the era of the 16th Japanese Dynasty in Japan. The Samurai which lost an arm to his opponent now seeks revenge with the help of a Katana and a new prosthetic mission. The game will normally be based on the sword-based combat.


Resident Evil 2

As mentioned the remarks made this was of great significance to the gamers of 2019. The Games come back to the fan’s beloved character Cop Leon S who fights his to protect himself from the zombies. It is actually a horror game and in 1998’s original game, it sold about almost five million copies throughout the world for PS1.


Wolfenstein Youngblood

This game is based on two twin sisters who fight there with the Nazi to gain freedom by the American Revolution in 1980. The story is mainly focused on BJ Blackszowic who is the father of twin sisters.


The Walking Dead The Final Season

During this walking dead season, the developers released their last season. In the story, Clementine and AJ find their way to survive the vast zombie infested lands to end life in a hopeful passion.


Division 2

The game is mostly depending on some quotes like “If Washington D.C falls, then humanity falls” means that there are more threats left to the fighters of division. Division 2 continues the significant story after Division 1.


Apex Legends

As PUBG was trying to challenge fortnite in the previous year but couldn’t make much success there came a new challenger to fotnite named as apex legends based on the same battle royale concept. The game has different operators which have different abilities to fight in the vast battle royale land. Its growth rate 4 times faster than fortnite.